Criteria for partner selection

The following criteria are considered by Privacy International when identifying partners:

Organisation capabilities

  • Ability to engage in policy processes or in legal debates on privacy issues
  • Experience, history and administrative resilience
  • Non-dependence on project funds to guarantee functionality and sustainability of the organisation
  • Research and/or policy background in human rights and/or privacy issues
  • Well-established organisational structure and networks
  • Innovative approaches to research design and methodology, and
  • Prior experience of engaging with international partners.

Context and operating environment

  • Prioritise ODA countries from three lower categories: lower ODA country categories, namely: ‘Least Developed Countries’, ‘Other Low Income Countries’ and ‘Lower Middle Income Countries’;
  • Demonstrated potential for policy impact in country of engagement (not necessarily on privacy);
  • Manageable level of risk that may emerge from engagement.

Capacity to demonstrate

  • Respect and understanding for PI’s organisational mission
  • Application of equivalent standards of governance as Privacy International.