Pampers to launch smart nappy that tracks child's urine and sleep

The Lumi by Pampers nappies will track a child's urine (not bowel movements) and comes with an app that helps you "Track just about everything". The activity sensor that is placed on the nappy also tracks a baby's sleep. 

Concerns over security and privacy have been raised, given baby monitors can be susceptible to hackers and any app that holds personal information could potentially expose that information. 

Experts say the concept could be helpful to some parents but that there are some tradeoffs. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, president of the International Society for Infant Studies said "I'm sure there will be even more digital products to analyse babies in the future, but the best thing you can do it cuddle, build a relationship and look in their eyes and see what they are trying to tell us - not what we are trying to tell them," she said. 

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Author: Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Business

What is Privacy International calling for?

Control over intelligence

Individuals should have control over the data generated about their activities, conduct, devices, and interactions, and be able to determine who is gaining this intelligence and how it is to be used.

We should know all our data and profiles

Individuals need to have full insight into their profiles. This includes full access to derived, inferred and predicted data about them.