Terms of Reference - Consultant on guides to limit online tracking and targeting

Time-Limited Contractual
Application Closing Date
30th October 2020 12:45 GMT

PI is currently undertaking work to provide web users with practical advices on how to protect themselves from different existing tracking techniques. While no silver bullet exists, empowering users with a set of tools to limit to which extend they are being tracked both achieve a disruption of the online tracking economy while offering a better online experience. This work also builds on the lack of standards for consent and privacy choices, users being required to constantly opt-out and dig into lengthy privacy settings to refuse tracking and targeting.

The production of guides aims at giving users a large choice of actions they can take to minimise data collection, limit unwanted tracking, prevent identification and generally improve their online experience. They will serve as a way for our supporters, as well as any visitor, to express their dissatisfaction with the current ecosystem and practically oppose tracking and targeting. Guides will cover multiple environments and devices and have varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy all audiences. The defined format and the license under which they are distributed will make welcome contributions and make reproducibility easy.

The consultant will have a global understanding of the online tracking ecosystem including fingerprinting strategies, targeting techniques and more generally how the internet works. They will have a good knowledge of existing solution to limit online tracking and a broad technical understanding of their functioning. Ability to simplify and make easily understandable the different steps is required as well as knowledge of git and markdown for formatting and sharing.

Example of guides already produced by PI can be found here.

Details and offering process in the document attached.