Application Closing Date
15th November 2020 16:00 GMT

About Privacy International

Privacy International is a UK registered charity. Our charitable objectives are to promote the human right of privacy (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) throughout the world, specifically:

  • To raise awareness of, to conduct research about, and to provide educational materials regarding threats to personal privacy;
  • To monitor and report on surveillance methods and tactics employed against individuals and groups;    
  • To work at national and international levels toward the provision of strong and effective privacy protections;    
  • To monitor the nature, effectiveness and extent of measures to protect privacy, and to seek ways through information technology to protect personal information.    

The Board has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that Privacy International maintains its institutional integrity while advancing its mission, values and mandate.   

Trustee and board member primary duties

The primary responsibility of the Board is to provide strategic leadership for the organisation by formulating and regularly reviewing its strategic aims in consultation with the senior staff, setting overall policy, regularly evaluating the charity's performance and ensuring that it complies with UK law.   

As a member of the Board, each individual has responsibilities that include:   

  • Making and reviewing major policy decisions, especially when they involve significant risks or shifts in direction.    
  • Providing guidance to the Executive Director as s/he develops PI’s strategic and annual work plans, and ultimately considering and adopting those plans.    
  • Approving PI’s annual budget, monitoring the financial health and integrity of the organisation by reviewing quarterly financial materials including the budget to actual reports, and audits (including management letters), ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place and approving decisions involving major financial obligations.    
  • Appointing the Executive Director and assessing his/her annual performance.   
  • Maintaining constructive relationships with the staff of the organisation, consistent with the general principle that the Executive Director supervises and is responsible for the work of the staff.   
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the organisation’s work and ensuring PI’s overall programme is consistent with its mission, values, focus and priorities.    

Board members are expected to

  • Regularly attend Board meetings;    
  • Review the agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings;    
  • Serve as an active member of committees or task forces;    
  • Take on and fulfil special assignments as assigned by the Board and/or the Chair;    
  • Use specific skills, knowledge and expertise to help the board members reach collective sound decisions;    
  • Ensure systematic, open and fair procedures for the recruitment/cooption of Board members and Chair;    
  • Serve as an advocate for the organisation as required, including for specific issues or events;    
  • Work to establish links and access to, and credibility with, key constituencies; introducing staff members to significant individuals and institutions;    
  • Board members will consider PI a philanthropic priority and will be expected to contribute to PI’s fundraising efforts as assigned by the Board.      

Privacy International's Board of Trustees meets four times a year, including one full Away Day. Meetings take place in London and occasionally we might be able to cover travel. However, Board members based outside of London have the option of participating by teleconference.    

The fulfilment of Trustees' duties is unlikely to exceed 10 hours per month, more if serving on one of the Board’s committees.     

Required qualifications

The Board should be composed of members with:   

  • Demonstrable commitment to the organization and its aims and objectives.   
  • Organisational leadership experience or experience of serving on Boards.   
  • An appropriate and diverse set of skills, including members with experience in strategic planning, budgeting, fundraising, NGO operations, communications and charity law.    

Current recruitment

The Board is seeking to recruit at least two additional trustees with experience and knowledge of at least one of the following: marketing/communications, technology infrastructure and management, and human rights in a significant part of the Global South.

Privacy International wishes to extend the diversity of its Board and applications from underrepresented groups are particularly welcome. 

If you would wish to apply, please send your CV with a short covering letter saying why you’d like to join and what you could bring by 15 November to: Joanna Oniszk, 

The Board’s Nominations Committee will be holding interviews at the end of November.