Technology Officer - Closed

Application Closing Date
20th February 2022 23:59 GMT

Title: Technology Officer

Location: London office (Central London)

Contract: Permanent

Working hours: Full time

Salary: £38,000

Other: 26 days annual leave, generous workplace pension, we can offer a modest relocation fund


About our work: We are a London-based charity that campaigns for legal and technological solutions to protect people and their data from exploitation. We envision a world where freedom and privacy will be the foundations of tomorrow’s societies. We target companies and governments who exploit our data and technologies. We expose harm and abuses, mobilise allies globally, campaign with the public for solutions, and pressure companies and governments to change. We are delivering our multi-year strategic plan to protect democracy, defend people’s dignity, and demand accountability from the powerful institutions who breach public trust.

About you: You are curious about the state and direction of the world. You understand that technologies play many roles in bolstering power and shaping the future. You are an advocate who wants to fight for change and ensure your voice is both credible and heard by key audiences, including the public. You want to shape an organisation that is always growing and learning and contribute to its strengthening. You want to work with colleagues and partner organisations across a variety of projects and use different skills-sets. You are keen to learn new multidisciplinary ways of achieving global change.

About PI: Everyone at PI works to build a good and resilient organisation, where we are always looking to learn and grow. We lead by example to make the most of our opportunities to shape the future. We work with others, including our network of partners across the world, to understand, engage and build a movement. We use creative approaches to deliver our work and share what we learn.


The person in this role will conduct advocacy to achieve PI’s goals. This will include tech and policy research, outreach and public engagement initiatives in order to formulate new and creative ways to demand change globally, including working with our partners across the world.

The role will join our Tech Coordination Group to support the delivery of PI's strategic and core objectives.

The Technology Officer will be expected to participate in project planning, management and delivery across PI to build the organisation, the global movement, and create change in the world.


This role will focus on the role technology plays in data exploitation, particularly on:

  • exploring and uncovering how data is exploited by industry and government
  • conducting research that will appeal to policy-making processes around the world
  • analysing devices, applications, and services, and their generation and uses of data, and what it takes to secure them
  • exploring the use of software defined networking and infrastructure, for both internal and external use.
  • advocating for and educating people on the key roles technology plays in the protection of privacy through engagement with our partners, communities and outside stakeholders

The Technology officer will also support the development and deployment of secure and sustainable internal and external services for us and our partners across the world.

Experiences and Skills


  • Graduate degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering or Informatics
  • Knowledge of the intersection of human rights and technology, in particular privacy
  • Experience in communication of sysadmin and cybersecurity concepts
  • GNU/Linux or Unix system administration experience, including virtualisation, specifically VirtualBox and KVM
  • Automation and Orchestration experience, using tools like Terraform, Puppet, Chef and/or Ansible
  • Scripting experience in shell, python etc
  • Experience with handling structured data, specifically JSON and YAML
  • Experience in Project Management, either as part of, or leading a team.


  • Experience in legal or regulatory interactions with technology
  • Experience in security and stability of systems and networks e.g. Firewalling, LUKS, PKI, IDS
  • Participation in open source technology for privacy and security
  • Experience working in diverse environments and working globally
  • Experience with web technologies: CSS, SASS, HTML, JS, PHP etc
  • Experience with Restful HTTP API Development and integration

Knowledge of:

  • Webservers based on Nginx
  • Databases based on MariaDB, SQLite or Postgres
  • Groupware such as Redmine and Nextcloud
  • Collaboration environments such as CVS, SVN or Git
  • Web design and development processes, specifically in relation to Drupal
  • Emergent technologies such neural networks, machine learning or blockchain, and their relationship to privacy


To apply, please send:

  • a CV (not more than two pages)
  • a covering letter (not more than two pages)

The closing date for applications is the 20 February 2022.

Please send the requested material in one email to (Please include the title of the post you are applying for in the subject of the email).

Only complete applications will be considered.

The candidates who we choose to interview will be contacted by the end of the day on 23 February 2022.

Interviews will take place the week of 28 February 2022 – please reserve these days for a possible interview, which will be arranged as a video conference.

We may conduct a second round of interviews, which will be decided only after the first round of interviews takes place. If necessary, the second round of interviews would be held on 07 March 2022.

For information about how Privacy International will use your data during recruitment please see the relevant section of our privacy policy.