International Network

Since 2008, Privacy International has been leading an international network of privacy organisations. Together we use our emergent expertise and research to generate educational material, advocacy campaigns, and strategies that will support the development and sustainability of a global movement.

Our Approach

In our experience, the protection of privacy requires strategies for research, investigation of threats and abuses to privacy, and advocacy that emphasise both law and technology. Most importantly, we work with all stakeholders in a multi-disciplinary way to make this happen.

A vibrant and informed civil society all over the world is key to protecting this essential right. We focus on advancing the understanding of privacy globally to demonstrate its importance as we develop our societies and economies.

We are also taking various steps to support and fight for the open spaces for our network to operate:

  • Where civil society is under-resourced and facing increasingly challenging environments to operate safely and effectively, we work to provide more strategic resources, both financial and technical, to support civil society to harness nascent public interest;
  • Where there is limited debate, we conduct research on the systemic challenges and emerging opportunities so that we can effectively influence policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders, including the media, the legal and technology community;
  • Where there is limited access to information and transparency, we develop customised, research and investigation;
  • Where there is limited global public understanding of these issues, we conduct innovative awareness-raising and campaigning to raise public awareness about threats to our privacy and involve them in building a better future.


Sida, Unit for Demoncracy and Human Rights

IDRC, Innovation and Networks Unit

Ford Foundation, Internet Freedoms

Joining the Privacy International Network

We are continually identifying partners across the Global South who work on diverse issues within the sphere of privacy, digital and human rights. As funding and engagement opportunities arise, we will be expanding the Network. Privacy International has developed key criteria to support its partner selection process which can be viewed here.