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Privacy International launches international campaign for greater transparency around secretive intelligence sharing activities between governments

13 September 2017

Privacy International, in partnership with 30+ national human rights organisations, has today written to national intelligence oversight bodies in over 40 countries seeking information on the intelligence sharing activities of their governments. 

Privacy International Files Lawsuit To Compel Disclosure Of Secretive 1946 Surveillance Agreement

6 July 2017

Privacy International has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to compel disclosure of records relating to a 1946 surveillance agreement between the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, known as the “Five Eyes alliance”.* We are represented by Yale Law School’s Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic (MFIA). The most recent publicly available version of the Five Eyes surveillance agreement dates from 1955. Our complaint was filed before the U.S.

Privacy International Sends Warning Briefing and Anti-Surveillance Phone Pouch to Brexit Negotiators to Help Them Stay Secure

18 June 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Privacy International Sends Warning Briefing and Anti-Surveillance Phone Pouch to Brexit Negotiators to Help Them Stay Secure

Please find attached a copy of the briefing along with promotional photographs with the briefing.

Privacy International has today sent top EU and UK Brexit negotiators* a briefing on their vulnerability to potential surveillance by each other, and others. Brexit negotiations are to begin today. 

PRESS NOTICE: Privacy International back in court for a hearing related to the collection of bulk personal datasets and bulk communications data

7 June 2017

The Case

Privacy International v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs et al. (Bulk Personal Datasets & Bulk Communications Data challenge)

Date: 5-9 June 2017

Time: from 10:00 onwards

Location: Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL United Kingdom


Hearing overview

PRESS STATEMENT: Privacy International and the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights call to Amend DDL Orlando on Hacking

22 May 2017

On 15 March 2017, the Italian Senate voted on a Bill, put forward by Justice Minister Andrea Orlando, that will reform the criminal justice system, including amending the Code of Criminal Procedure. Among the many provisions contained in DDL Orlando, currently pending approval by the Italian House of Representatives, the Government is mandated to regulate, via a legislative decree, the utilisation of malware (commonly referred to as ‘Trojans’ in Italian discourse) to engage hacking for criminal investigations.

New investigation reveals Syria’s mass surveillance ambitions and the shadowy Western surveillance companies that profit from it

12 December 2016

Privacy International has today published an investigation, which sheds light on the shady deals that built Syria’s surveillance state and the role Western companies have played in its construction. The investigation also shows how Western surveillance companies seek to exploit loopholes to do business with repressive states.

Key points: