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Press Releases

Press statement: Parliamentary committee savages the Investigatory Powers Bill

9 February 2016

“Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has today slammed the Government’s draft Investigatory Powers Bill for its lack of transparency, lack of clarity and lack of privacy protections. We urge the Home Office to take on board the wide ranging criticisms that the tech sector, civil society, and now even the Parliamentary committee that oversees the surveillance capabilities of the intelligence agencies, have made of their proposals. The ISC's report is clear on the requirement of a root and branch reconsideration of the legislation, pushing privacy to the forefront.

International appeal to the Moroccan authorities to drop charges against human rights defenders

18 November 2015

Privacy International is deeply disturbed by the Moroccan government’s crackdown on media, human rights defenders, and civi society. Our friend Hisham Almiraat will be appearing in court on Thursday November 19th, 2015 along with six other journalists and human rights defenders members, and is facing the charges of “receiving foreign funding without notifying the General Secretariat of the government” and charges of “threatening the internal security of the State”, an offense that can lead to up to five years in prison.

Privacy International investigation exposes the role of Microsoft in Thailand human rights abuse case

17 November 2015

A new Privacy International investigation reveals Microsoft's complicity in a serious case of Government persecution in Thailand. It is a shocking example of how Western companies not only work with governments that fall considerably short of international human rights standards, but can actually facilitate abuses of human rights.

Privacy International Pressures Government About Accessing Bulk Phone Data of British People

10 November 2015

Privacy International has today written to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the secret court that hears complaints about the UK's surveillance regime, to demand that the Government comes clean about when and how it began collecting bulk communications data in the UK, and just as importantly, who knew of and approved the operation.

Make no mistake, this is a new Snooper's Charter, and it's worse than ever

6 November 2015

Despite Wednesday's publication of the Investigatory Powers Bill being trailed as world leading legislation that would balance security and privacy, what the Government is actually seeking is a mandate for mass surveillance. This is a new Snoopers' Charter and we must oppose many of its most virulent elements.