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Passage of DRIP surveillance bill shameful

17 July 2014

The following is a statement from Privacy International following the passage of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill. For more information, email Mike Rispoli,

It is shameful that, in a year since the Edward Snowden revealed the scope of the UK mass surveillance activities, the only British parliamentary action in relation to surveillance has been to drastically expand the interception powers of intelligence agencies.

UK Rushes through invasive surveillance laws as intelligence agencies go on trial

11 July 2014

Privacy International and Amnesty International have accused the UK government of trying to rush through legislation in an attempt to deflect from a landmark hearing starting Monday, challenging the validity of UK spy agencies’ justification for mass surveillance of British citizens’ social media use.

Carly Nyst, Legal Director of Privacy International said

The timing of this legislation could not be more audacious,

Privacy International challenges GCHQ's unlawful hacking of computers, mobile phones

13 May 2014

Privacy International today filed a legal complaint demanding an end to the unlawful hacking being carried out by GCHQ which, in partnership with the NSA, is infecting potentially millions of computer and mobile devices around the world with malicious software that gives them the ability to sweep up reams of content, switch on users' microphones or cameras, listen to their phone calls and track their locations.

High Court slams HMRC for unlawful concealing of information surrounding export of spyware FinFisher

12 May 2014

In a damning judgment today the Administrative Court declared that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) acted unlawfully and “irrationally” in issuing blanket refusals into the status of any investigation into the potentially illegal export of the spyware FinFisher to repressive regimes by UK-based Gamma International.

European Court invalidates Data Retention Directive, says mass surveillance of metadata interferes with right to privacy

8 April 2014

The ruling today from the European Court of Justice, invalidating the European Union’s 2006 Data Retention Directive policy, was strong and unequivocal: the right to privacy provides a fundamental barrier between the individual and powerful institutions, and laws allowing for indiscriminate, blanket retention on this scale are completely unacceptable.