Limit data analysis by design

As nearly every human interaction now generates some form of data, systems should be designed to limit the invasiveness of data analysis by all parties in the transaction and networking.

What we would like to see

We should be able to know the metadata and other observed and derived data that is generated through our interactions, and where this data leaks to and who has access, e.g. in WhatsApp and SMS or financial transactions, what does which provider have access to and what does that allow them to infer?

Individuals should be able to filter-out metadata and other observed data and prevent processing on platforms, e.g.  removing photo metadata and processing on platforms unless an individual wishes for metadata to be disclosed.

What this will mean

Competition law would have to consider dominance of a company through the knowledge is has on individuals activities, intelligence and insight it possesses on individuals and groups and whole societies, and the choices it made through the design of systems.