Legal Officer

Ailidh is a Scots Law qualified solicitor with Privacy International and is responsible for our legal advocacy on data protection. She also leads our global legal research with our partners.

Director of Strategy

Alexandrine leads Privacy International's strategic programme aimed at building a global privacy movement.

Policy Officer

Antonella works on policy development on cybersecurity and biometrics, and with our international network of partner organisations.

Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer

Artiom is in charge of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning component of PI’s work.

Campaigns Officer

Caitlin works to develop our public campaigning and with our international partners. She is also responsible for our volunteer programme.

Legal Officer

Camilla is responsible for our legal research and litigation on data surveillance and data protection. She leads our work at the intersection of technology, data exploitation, and the law.

Legal Director and General Counsel

Caroline is Privacy International’s General Counsel and leads our legal team.

Technology Lead

Chris is responsible for our technical research on corporate exploitation, and leads our work on low cost technologies and the ways that data is exploited.

Legal Officer

Ilia focuses on our research, advocacy and litigation on surveillance and technology. She leads our project challenging mass surveillance to protect civic spaces.

Senior Research Officer

Tom is responsible for research and dissemination in the Global South. He leads our research on fintech and identity.

Senior Technologist

Ed is responsible for our technical security and research, and leads the development of our security framework and tech engagement with our International Network.

Advocacy Director

Edin leads Privacy International's State Surveillance programme.


Eliot is responsible for our technical research on data exploitation and leads our work on AdTech and public engagement.

Senior Research Officer

Eva is responsible for our research in surveillance tech and data exploitation, and leads our research on smart cities.

Senior Advocacy Officer

Francisco is responsible for our international network of partner organisations. He leads our advocacy to challenge government data intensive systems.

Executive Director

As Privacy International's Executive Director, Gus leads the development of our long-term strategy, ensures its delivery in a sustainable way, and reports to the Board of Trustees.

Director of Campaigns

Harmit leads our campaigning and communications team.

Legal Officer

Ioannis works on a variety of issues at the intersection of PI’s government and corporate exploitation programmes.

Head of Operations and Development

Joanna Oniszk is responsible for PI's finances, risk assessment and management, and governance. 

Senior Policy Officer

Lucy is responsible for our policy development. She leads our global policy work on cybersecurity and identity.

Policy Director

Tomaso leads Privacy International's policy development, as well as our advocacy and policy team.