Closely tied with our work on identity and surveillance, PI is working with partners in our International Network and experts, we are undertaking research, advocacy and policy work on areas including, biometrics and elections, biometric national identity systems, biometric migration systems, and biometric identification schemes in the development and humanitarian sector, amongst others. This works enables us to:

  • Scrutunise the motivations of states and nonstate actors adopting biometric systems and assess whether biometric systems actually solve the socio-economic problems they are claimed to.
  • Advocate for stronger protections on individual’s biometric information, starting with ensuring there is a robust and effective data protection legal framework in place, which upholds biometric data as sensitive data that requires higher safeguards.
  • Campaign for procurement of biometric technology based on public justifications, including cost and motivation, and public debate, so that the procurement of biometric technology is more transparent.

Hold companies selling biometric technologies accountable for privacy and security impacts.