GDPR - doing

On the day GDPR came into force, Privacy International launched a campaign to uncover the hidden data ecosystem, which is comprised of companies which profit from the exploitation of people’s data. We are currently investigating companies and data sources, and plan to use GDPR as a tool to uncover and fight against this hidden data ecosystem. Companies that maximize the amount of personal data they process and use it in ways that individuals would not expect are the antithesis of what data protection is about.

Privacy International played an important role in the shaping of GDPR, which was proposed by the EU Commission in 2012. PI, together, with other civil society actors, worked on GDPR from the beginning, seeking to protect it in the face of intense industry lobbying. In spite of the over 5,000 amendments tabled, and certain compromises, GDPR is an important step in the right direction to comprehensive protection of personal data and a tool and safeguard against data exploitation. PI will be vigilant to the implementation and enforcement of GDPR going forward and seek to hold to account those that fail to comply.