Develop Protections Against Data Intensive Systems in the Global South

Protecting personal information in increasingly data intensive environments.


What PI Is Doing

The Privacy International Network is working hard to ensure that advocates and researchers understand and engage with these new challenges. We are developing principles, policy positions and research, that will identify the changes we all need so governments and industry protect privacy and other fundamental rights into the future.

Privacy International believes that one of the approaches necessary to ask the right questions to undertake relevant problem analysis and identify the most effective solutions is to take a privacy lens.

A privacy lens consists of taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding policy and social change. This requires expertise in policy and technology; understanding how it affects individuals, communities, and societies; assessing existing safeguards in the abstract and in practice; and identifying and analysing various data.  By asking these questions, we can bring more issues to light as we analyse data-intensive systems. The privacy lens provides a useful and essential critical eye to the blind optimism of the data revolution and its data-intensive systems.

This is the approach that underpins the work of the Privacy International Network as:

  • we undertake research and investigations to understand what the data-intensive systems can bring to our societies as well as identify the risks and challenges so as to enable them to effectively promote and inform relevant debates;
  • we raise awareness amongst key actors of change in various sectors and disciplines across the world to encourage them to take a privacy lens to their work and engage in these policy discourses in their respective contexts;
  • we target duty-bearers, both public and private entities, and advocate for better safeguards and enforcement mechanisms to ensure that data-intensive system being embedded within every layer of our socio-economic and political web are designed to benefit us all without undermining our enjoyment of our fundamental rights.