Develop Safeguards for Minority Groups and Humanitarian Aid

Identifying how humanitarian and development agencies promote the spread of surveillance capabilities without adequate safeguards, exposing the world's most vulnerable people.

What PI Is Doing

PI is undertaking various activities with the aim of supporting development and humanitarian actors to deliver their mandate whilst protecting people. In the short term as we continue to develop our expertise in this area, we are:

  • Working with development and humanitarian actors to analyse their current policies and practices, assess the current risks and threats, and where possible guide them in the design and implementation of new programmes;
  • Investigating the datadriven business models, practices and policies of companies which provide goods and services to development and humanitarian actors to map the privacy and security risks and threats;
  • Raising awareness amongst the international donor community of the risks and challenges we have identified and calling on them to adopt measures to ensure any decisionmaking processes consist of the necessary assessments;
  • Continuing to expose state surveillance policies and practices which fall short of international human rights standards and which mean development and humanitarian actors may be evolving in a broader ecosystem of mass, indiscriminate surveillance.