Modernise Data Protection Law

Advocating for strong data protection around the world.


What PI Is Doing

In almost three decades of interventions across the world, and more recently through its International Network, Privacy International has observed the discrepancies and shortcomings of data protection law and the lack of it. There are countries where privacy safeguards are encoded in law and data protection frameworks are in place, but are not necessarily implemented and enforced, and then there are countries where there is no legal regime yet in place to protect the right to privacy or uphold data protection principles.

Privacy International is fighting for stronger privacy and data protection laws by:

  • Undertaking strategic advocacy to engage in legislative processes in countries where data protection laws are being debated.
  • Calling for and engaging in reform processes in countries where we have assessed that the existing data protection framework falls short of international data protection standards and principles.
  • In countries where independent data protection authorities or regulators have been established, we monitor and inform their activities.