Promote Strong Cyber Security and Protections for People

Ensuring that defensive security is prioritised over governments' ambitions for offence.


What PI Is Doing

PI is taking a multi-disciplinary approach to its strategic interventions on cybersecurity by

  • Developing new narratives around security by undertaking research, advocacy and policy work to reframe cybersecurity debates around protecting individuals, devices and networks, removing the current policy emphases that focus on greater surveillance and data-sharing powers of government agencies and industry.
  • Ensuring that cybersecurity laws and policies are designed to respect and protect human rights, rather than undermine and curtail them.
  • Challenging government secrecy and ensuring cyber security initiatives are discussed and scrutinised publicly.

In addition, we are improving our understanding and practices around network security by developing our own source security framework and software, called Thornsec, which is an automated way to deploy, test, and audit internal and external services for an organisation, saving a lot of time and creating a sustainable security model.

We are using this software to run all of Privacy International’s services – website, collaborative text-editor, project management tools, Tor hidden services, VPNs. Thornsec is not solely a technological initiative, it is also changing the culture of the organisation by increasing our understanding of network security and making us all pay more attention to the technology we take for granted every day.

You can learn more about Thornsec on the Github page of the project.