Promote Strong Cyber Security and Protections for People

We live and share a huge amount of our lives online, depending on our devices and vast global networks to keep us connected. This dependence means there is much at stake and much to protect and secure. Cyber security is about protecting against loss of data or damage to the systems on which we depend. The spectrum of cyber security issues can include topics as varied as data breaches, state hacking of devices and networks, the spread of malware, export control and surveillance.

While there is no internationally accepted definition of cybersecurity, the dominant discourse around the world, promoted by policy-makers and government agencies, focuses on international crime, prevention of terrorism and the quest for ever increased surveillance of our communications and data.

Despite the multitude of warnings evident in the continuing global data breaches from poorly secured databases in companies and governments’ networks, leading actors in this field, both private and public, have not prioritised addressing the root causes of insecure systems and governments have continued to adopt policies and pass laws that undermine cyber security as a whole and therefore place human rights at risk.