What the Surveillance-Exploitation Complex Does

AI has the potential to revolutionise societies in positive ways, however there is a real risk that the use of new tools by states or corporations will have a negative impact on human rights.
There is now an ecosystem that drives voter profiling and targeted messages, often known as micro-targeting, that accompany modern political campaigning globally. The targeted ad-supported internet is made up of thousands of companies that track and profile us all 24 hours a day- not just during
Automated decision-making, about people, from people's data, will shape their lives -- what they have access to, what they can do, and what they may become.
The compelled registration and identification of all mobile phone users
The data generated through peoples' use of social media becomes valuable intelligence to others, who want to monitor, profile, and manipulate.
There are few places in the world where an individual is as vulnerable as at the border of a foreign country.