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Short Message Services (SMS) are being used in MHealth initiatives which aim to deliver crucial information to expecting and new mothers. But there are concerns that there is limited transparency about numerous aspects of SMS health services, and how the data is being processed, by whom and in accordance to what safeguards.

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Tens of thousands of Kenyan citizens are stuck in legal limbo, unable to obtain national IDs because their fingerprints are captured in refugee databases. Their dilemma highlights the pitfalls of humanitarian biometrics.

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The Data Interception Environment (DIE) is a tool that you can use to analyse how your data is being used by app developers and third parties. It allows you to see how apps are sending your data from your device back to the company or to third parties.


PI partner Dejusticia’s latest research tackles the use of micro-targeting in the 2018 Colombian presidential campaign and the 2015 and 2019 Bogotá mayoral campaigns.

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