Since 1990, PI has been working to promote the human right of privacy throughout the world, specifically: raise awareness of threats to privacy; monitor and report on surveillance methods and tactics; work at national and international levels toward the provision of privacy protections; and monitor measures to protect privacy, and to seek ways through technology to protect personal information.

Below are some stories summarising our work and impacts.

We got the UN to address and build on the right to privacy.

How we fought and beat laws forcing companies to retain our data.

Our campaign for a modern and strong data protection in Europe. 

Pushing back against surveillance power grabs since the 1990s.

Bringing down the halo over the Internet industry.

Exposing those who enable surveillance and repression

Learning from Snowden, litigating against secret surveillance. 

A truly international human rights requires a vibrant civil society.

Protecting the privacy of refugees and the world’s most vulnerable people.

Bringing tech and policy realities to policy-makers globally.

From smartcards to biometrics and beyond, and across the world.

We held governments to account as they seized the opportunity to grab powers. 

With new knowledge, we took action against Intelligence Agencies' vast over-reach and unlawful activities.