How will the Communications Data Bill affect you?

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How will the Communications Data Bill affect you?

Mass surveillance affects us all

The draft Communications Data Bill - known as the 'Snoopers' Charter' - will dramatically expand police surveillance powers if it is voted into law. Innocent citizens would have all their communications and online activity monitored, all of the time. The government would store information about who we're texting, what we're searching for on Google and who we're friends with on Facebook. Police and HM Revenue and Customs officers would be able to access this information at a moment's notice, without a judicial warrant. The only other countries in the world that currently have this kind of mass surveillance system in place are China, Iran and Kazakhstan.

How will this affect your organization?

Do you rely on secure communications to hold the powerful to account or defend the vulnerable?
Are you responsible for protecting the anonymity of journalistic sources or whistleblowers?
Does your business depend on people's trust in the security of online financial transactions?
Do you ever exchange confidential or commercially sensitive information with colleagues or third parties?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', the work of your organization could be damaged if the Communications Data Bill in its current form becomes UK law.

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