Consumer watchdog calls on retailers to stop selling connected toys with proven security issues


The UK consumer watchdog Which? has called on retailers to stop selling popular connected toys it says have proven security issues. These include Hasbro's Furby Connect, Vivid Imagination's I-Que robot, and Spiral Toys' Cloudpets and Toy-fi Teddy. In its report, Which? found that these toys do not require authentication to link to other devices via Bluetooth, meaning that any device within range could connect to the toys and take control of them or send messages. Spiral Toys did not comment. Vivid said there had been no reports of malicious uses of these products but that it would review Which?'s recommendations. Hasbro said it believed the test results had been obtained in specific conditions. Which? also tested the Wowee Chip, Fisher Price's Smart Toy Bear, and Mattel's Hello Barbie but did not find serious security concerns.

Writer: BBC
Publication: BBC
Publication date: 2017-11-14

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