The car of the future will sell your data


Car companies have long collected data about the consumers who buy their cars. Now, they hope to aggregate and sell customer preferences to outside vendors for marketing purposes much as online tech giants like Google and Facebook already do. The companies say that exploiting this data will help them improve the driving experience, enabling predictive maintenance and enhancing driving intelligence. A study published in July 2017 by the US Government Accountability Office found that none of the 13 companies it studied had easy-to-read privacy notices and most don't explain their policies about data sharing and use. Banks, insurance companies, mechanics, city planners, restaurants, petrol stations, and even Wall Street are all prospective clients. Startups are beginning to explore the potential of showing pop-up ads while drivers are waiting at red lights in return for their data. General Motors has launched an ecommerce system that lets drivers order coffee and make restaurant reservations while driving.
Writer: Gabrielle Coppola and David Welch
Publication: Bloomberg

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