Gabon signs up to Microsoft's CityNext for capital Libreville


In early 2016 Libreville, the capital of Gabon, signed up for Microsoft's CityNext programme, which is intended to supply innovative "smart city" solutions in eight key areas: health, social services, infrastructure, water, electricity, justice, culture, and education. Applications in each area will allow the city to manage traffic and urban transport, govern and collect taxes, and provide citizens with electronic access to health, citizen, police, and emergency services, as well as make it easier for them to report antisocial behaviour and property damage. A particular goal is to better fight AIDS through improved prevention, screening, and treatment. Gabon is the second African nation, after Senegal in 2015, to adopt CityNext; the programme is also part of a partnership agreement between the Gabon government and UNAIDS.

Writer: Ecofin, Sena Quashie
Publication: Ecofin, Pulse

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