Hack of Philippines election site exposes voter data


In March 2016, a hacker group identifying itself as Anonymous Philippines defaced the website of the Philippine Commission on the Elections (Comelec), leaving a message that accused Comelec of not doing enough to secure the voting machines due to be used in the general election the following month. That same day, LulzSec Piliphinas, a different but related hacker group, posted online a link to a 338GB database it claimed was the entire electoral register of 54.36 million Filipinos. Trend Micro called it the biggest government-related data breach to date and said it found personally identifiable information such as passport information and fingerprints in the data. Comelec said, however, that its database held no sensitive information and that the site that was hacked was not the one that would be used for the election, which was well-protected.


Writer: Alex Hern
Publication: Guardian


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