Researcher finds security flaws in Mitsubishi Outlander


In 2016, security expert Ken Munro discovered security bugs in the onboard wifi in Mitsubishi's Outlander hybrid car that could be exploited to turn off the car's alarm. Some aspects of the Outlander can be controlled by a smartphone app that talks to the car via the onboard wifi. Security flaws in the way the wifi is set up include using a distinctive format for the cars' access points, enabling outsiders to track these cars. Munro also found the car was vulnerable to replay attacks; he was able to flash the lights, change charging settings, and drain batteries, as well as turn off the alarm. In response to Munro's findings, Mitsubishi recommended that owners deactivate the onboard wifi while the company investigated and developed a long-term fix.

Writer: BBC
Publication: BBC
Publication date: 2016-06-06

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