Online protests ensue when Logitech orphans Harmony Link devices


Logitech's announcement that it would end service and support for its Harmony Link devices in 2018 sparked online outrage after consumers realised this meant the devices would be disabled and that only those with devices still under warranty would get free replacements. Logitech has since said it will provide free replacements to all customers, whether or not their warranty had expired. 
The Harmony Link lets users control home entertainment devices through a companion mobile app. Its replacement, the Harmony Hub, is expected to be able to control a wider range of smart home devices such as lightbulbs and cameras. The change is being required because Logitech has decided not to renew a technology certificate licence that expires in March 2018 and that is required to ensure that the devices are protected from attacks. The upshot is that customers are being forced to change their devices solely because of internal decisions the company has made for its own reasons.
Writer: Valentina Palladino
Publication: Ars Technica
Publication date: 2017-11-09

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