Oracle links TV and digital engagement to offline sales


In 2015, Oracle rolled out "Validated Demographics", a service based on combining the capabilities it acquired with BlueKai, a data management platform that gathers data from publishers, and Datalogix, a tool that compiles offline demographic data. The combination of these complementary services allows Oracle to match real identities and validate measurements linking TV and digital engagement to actual sales. The service forms part of Oracle's ID Graph, which aims to break down the silos between smart phones, PCs, browsers, apps, and TV and connect viewing ads to what consumers go on to do, buy, or say. Oracle claims that behind ID Graph lies its Data Cloud's collection of more than 5 billion global consumer IDs, 115 million US households, 1,500 data partners, and $5 trillion in observed consumer spending.

tags: Oracle, Datalogix, BlueKai, TV, advertising, cross-channel linking, Data Cloud

Writer: Kelly Liyakasa

Publication: Ad Exchanger

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