AI and data analytics help keep millennials hooked on gambling


In 2018 industry insiders revealed that the gambling industry was increasingly turning to data analytics and AI to personalise their services and predict and manipulate consumer response in order to keep gamblers hooked. Based on profiles assembled by examining every click, page view, and transaction and incorporating data purchased from third-party sources, gambling operators push customised ads through Google, Facebook, and other platforms. There are also plans to geolocate customers arriving at stadiums in order to prompt them via text message to bet on the game they're about to see. Millennials are the most likely of any age group to have set up more than five online gaming accounts, and the most likely of any age group to gamble via mobile phone, where gambling operators offer many more - and more detailed - options for betting than ever used to be available. They were also the most likely to have gambled at least once in the last four weeks, not including the National Lottery. As a result, millennials are the group with the highest levels of problem gambling. In 2018, British MPs called for an overhaul of the UK's gambling rules to tackle a claimed hidden epidemic of gambling addiction.

writer: Mattha Busby; Kate Beloley

Publication: Guardian; Financial Times

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