Hacker exposes data collected by SpyHuman surveillance app


As part of an ongoing hacker vendetta against surveillance apps installed by abusive partners, in July 2018 a hacker targeted SpyHuman, an India-based company that offers software that monitors Android devices, claiming the software should be taken off the market. Once someone gains physical access to a device and installs the software, SpyHuman's app will intercept phone calls and messages, track GPS locations, read social media messages, and even turn on the device's microphone. The collected data is then presented for the user - that is, the person who has installed the spyware - to view. SpyHuman openly markets its software as suitable for monitoring employees and children; however, less overtly the company also discusses its use for monitoring partners, spouses, and lovers. To make their point, via an intermediary who verified the vulnerability the hacker showed Motherboard some of the stolen data. SpyHuman responded by saying it had secured its site, and defended its software by saying that the software can be set to display an icon to show that it is active.


Writer: Joseph Cox

Publication: Motherboard

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