UK government pilots voter ID


In November 2018, the UK government announced it would pilot voter ID for in 11 local authorities during thte 2019 local elections in order to gain insight into ensuring voting security and lowering the risk of voter fraud. The Cabinet Office deemed the pilots conducted in five local authorities during the 2018 local elections to be a success. Four models of checking are under consideration: photo ID (Pendle, East Staffordshire, Woking); one photo or up to two non-photo IDs (Ribble Valley, Broxtowe, Derby, North Kesteven, Braintree); and traditional poll cards and poll cards with scannable barcodes (Mid Sussex, Watford; North West Lancashire). The government is proceeding despite criticisms that requiring ID risks damaging turnout and that the risk of voter fraud is already very low. The Electoral Commission has found only 44 allegations of impersonation out of 64 million votes cast in the 2016 general election.

Publication:; The Register
Publication date: 2018-11-03; 2018-11-05

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