Black Cube assists attacks on NGOs and George Soros in Hungary


The Tel-Aviv-based private intelligence firm Black Cube, which is largely staffed by former Israeli intelligence operatives, was involved in a campaign to attack NGOs and businessman-turned-philanthropist George Soros during Hungary's election campaign. Between December 2017 and March 2018, agents using false identities secretly recorded the results of contacts with Hungarian NGOs and individuals connected to Soros. The recordings began appearing in the press three weeks before the election, and were used as fodder for attacks by prime minister Viktor Orbán, whose party went on to win in a landslide. Black Cube has been implicated in other scandals in the US and Europe, although the company claims it has always operated within the law. Among its known activities, Black Cube befriended Rose McGowan to collect information about her and journalists in contact with her as part of an operation to defend Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein against allegations of rape and sexual harassment; and attempted to collect information on former Obama administration officials by emailing their family members.

Writer: Lili Bayer; Ronan Farrow
Publication: Politico; The New Yorker
Publication date: 2018-07-06; 2018-05-06

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