New York demands Airbnb host information


In November 2018 New York City's housing committee ruled that Airbnb must turn over the addresses and host names that use its service to the city's Office of Special Enforcement as part of a crackdown on illegal operators. The hotel industry contended in a report earlier in the year that around two-thirds of Airbnb's income from New York, which is one of Airbnb's top five markets, comes from rentals that violate the rule in most apartment buildings barring rentals of less than 30 days unless the owner is present. A similar rule in San Francisco is thought to have cost Airbnb about 50% of its listings. The company said that losses due to regulatory action typically were short-term, and that its top five cities account for only 3.4% of its worldwide revenues, so no one city's action can significantly affect its business. 

writer; Richard Waters
publication: Financial Times

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