Google Verily project directs users to testing sites


Three years ago, the Alphabet subsidiary Verily developed a software platform, Project Baseline, to run clinical trials on a group of volunteers who agree to share their medical data with a group of researchers at pharmaceutical companies and research hospitals. In early March, Verily began considering whether and how the software could be used to help detect COVID-19. To date, the site is in beta mode, and consists of a questionnaire that links local Bay Area residents to three testing sites. This was the site that US President Donald Trump claimed on March was a test-finding tool being built by 1,700 Google engineers. The beta version of the site was clearly limited: it was English-only, required a Google log-in, and required users to give consent to share their data with a range of the company's health care and technology partners. In response, Google announced it would provide a national website with COVID-19 information. Users are asked to opt into letting Verily access copies of their test results; Verily promises not to link the information to their Google accounts. 


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