China: Manufacturer Telepower adds fever detection and facial recognition to point-of-sale terminals



According to a company announcement, Telepower Communication (Telpo), a leading Chinese manufacturer of smart point-of-sale systems and intelligent hardware, has integrated into its terminals new features to support a wide variety of contactless use cases. The company’s family of terminals for catering, retail, payment, security, and other applications, include biometric, fever-detecting facial recognition, and ticket validation technology. The technology supports accurate identification of up to 99.5 percent of people wearing face masks, detects body temperature to within 0.5 degrees Celsius, tests for liveness with its binocular camera system, and supports unified data management and a variety of installation methods. Telpo offers its solution in offline, online, and development versions, the latter including its SDK. The terminals protect individuals with contactless interaction, benefit managers with data monitoring and timely alerts, and help enterprises protect data privacy and company interests, according to the company announcement.


Writer: Chris Burt
Publication: Biometric Update