Ontario mother fined for standing too long in park


The mother of a six-month-old baby in Aurora, Ontario was fined C$880 after police accused her of standing for more than two minutes under a gazebo in a park; she claims she pulled into the gazebo to allow people to pass on the path and answered a text before moving back onto the path. The mother reported that the police officer who issued the fine did not observe social distancing and was not wearing personal protective equipment. The incident occurred a week after the city of Toronto stopped issuing tickets for sitting on park benches; the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has received more than 100 complaints about overzealous law enforcement.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/pkejjv/aurora-mom-says-she-was-fined-dollar880-for-standing-too-long-in-a-park-with-baby

Writer: Manisha Krishnan
Publication: Vice

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