Swedish researchers launch local version of UK's JoinZOE COVID Symptom Tracker app


Sweden's Lund University has launched an app intended to map the spread of the coronavirus across Sweden, a localised version of the JoinZOE COVID Symptom Tracker app pioneered in the UK, which the researchers believe could be coupled with seroprovalence testing in order to develop an accurate map of the the virus's spread. However, the Public Health Agency is sceptical about how useful the data will be, on the basis that it has its own data. The agency has halted work on on a digital tool that was being built by the Civil Contingencies Agency which also included a feature for recording symptoms on the basis that the risks of the app were significantly greater than its benefits.

Source: https://www.thelocal.se/20200430/sweden-launches-app-to-help-trace-spread-of-the-coronavirus
Writer: The Local
Publication: The Local

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