Eighty new COVID-19 cases linked to one man in South Korea


On the day South Korea relaxed its social distancing measures, a 29-year-old man tested positive for COVID-19. The previous weekend, he had visited five nightclubs in the gay district of Itweon in Seoul, mingling with around 7,200 other people. After nearly 80 new COVID-19 cases have been linked to that one man's outing, the mayor ordered all clubs and bars closed indefinitely, and led officials to push back reopening schools by a week. Soon aftewards, another infected man was found to have visited an LGBT sauna in Gangnam, leading to homophobic attacks in the media. The country's use of credit card transactions in contact tracing leads many to fear that being ordered to testing they will be outed to their employers, lose their jobs, and face public humiliation. 

Writer: Nemo Kim
Publication: Guardian