Paraguay: Integration in the the triple border area


In December 2019, a Brazilian public security programme, called the Integrated Border Operations Center (CIOF) was presented. The CIOF aims to combat transnational organised crime in the region of Foz do Iguaçu and the Triple Border Area1, shared by Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguy, and integrate different public security agents through a centralised system.

It has been reported that CIOF is part of a wider digital security apparatus being deployed in the Triple Border Area, that there is ambitious for it to expand geographically, that information is being exchanged with at least one other twi-national security programme, Tripartite Command in Puerto Iguazú, and there is evidence of international actors include the European Union and the US.

The CIOFs database can be accessed upon request from public security organs (regardless of them being members of the Center) and yet there is no legal framework which regulates processing activities, including data sharing, of the CIOF.


Publication: TEDIC

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