Student monitoring persists post-pandemic


Even though schools are back in session in person, their teachers can still monitor the screens on their school-issued devices via software such as GoGuardian. In a new report from the Center for Democracy and Technology, 89% of teachers say their schools will continue to use student-monitoring software, up from 84% in 2021, raising worries about how the data will be used in a climate increasingly hostile towards abortion and LGBTQ+ issues.

CDT also reports that 44% of teachers say that at least one student at their school has been contacted by law enforcement because of behaviours flagged by the monitoring software, and 13% of students say they knew someone who had been outed because of the software. Students should also beware plugging their phones into school-issued laptops for charging, as the monitoring software automatically uploads the phone's photos to the school's account and scans them.

Writer: Pia Ceres
Publication: Wired