Acxiom is a marketing company that operates globally (US, Europe, and Asia Pacific region), including in the UK. Acxiom sells multiple marketing and targeting produces and promotes its data services to "acquire and grow customers", "personalize communications, "measure and optimize return on investment", and "monetize data”.

PI is concerned with a number of Acxiom’s products, including InfoBase (which includes consumer data on “real consumers” covering “90% of UK Households” and providing more than 3,500 specific behavioural insights), Personicx (a consumer lifestage segmentation system that uses demographic, geographical, lifestyle and behavioural information to segment consumers into clusters, such as age, lifestage, affluence and digital take-up) and LiveRamp IdentityLink (an “identity graph [that] matches directly identifiable data – like emails, postal addresses, and phone numbers – with pseudonymous identifiers – like cookies and devices IDs”). There is also LiveRamp Abilitec, which brings together emails, phone numbers, names and addresses, to match to an individual and apply a persistent identifier.

Here is an overview of Acxiom over the years.