28 Nov 2017
In 2017, Grindr, which at the time was available in 192 countries, began implementing new privacyimplementing new privacy protection measures in order to help protect its users in anti-gay countries such as those in the Middle East and Africa. Among them: users will be able to to change the Grindr
24 Nov 2017
Recognising that many parents will be considering purchasing connected toys and other devices for their children, for Christmas 2017 the UK's Information Commissioner's Office issued a list of 12 guidelines for assessing products before purchasing. These include: research the product's security
04 Sep 2017
The UK Information Commissioner's Office has published policy guidelines for big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and their interaction with data protection law. Applying data protection principles becomes more complex when using these techniques. The volume of data, the ways it's
A paper by Michael Veale (UCL) and Reuben Binns (Oxford), "Fairer Machine Learning in the Real World: Mitigating Discrimination Without Collecting Sensitive Data", proposes three potential approaches to deal with hidden bias and unfairness in algorithmic machine learning systems. Often, the cause is