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PI collaborated with the Centre for Humanitarian Data, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and UN Global Pulse to develop a guidance notes on risk assessments for humanitarian practitioners.

22 Jun 2020
Immigration rules that have left 1 million migrant workers in the UK at risk of destitution because they cannot claim universal credit should be suspended on public health grounds during the pandemic, a cross-party group of MPs has recommended. The work and pensions select committee said the no
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PI presents its contribution to the "Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action" (2n Ed).

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Governments across the world are building technologically integrated programmes to allow citizens to access welfare payments, and these could have adverse effects on those they should be supporting.

In February 2019, the World Food Programme, a United Nations aid agency, announced a five-year, $45 million partnership with the data analytics company Palantir. WFP, the world's largest humanitarian organisation focusing on hunger and food security, hoped that Palantir, better known for partnering