Viber - Good Practices

Settings can only do so much to protect you. Your security and privacy also comes from how you use the app. This guides covers short concrete advice on good practices to follow when using this app.

Last modified
18th January 2021
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  • From time to time, clear any inactive Viber sessions by going to Settings > Account > Desktop and Tablets.
  • If a stranger starts a conversation with you claiming to be someone you know try to ensure that they are who they claim they are before providing any information about yourself
  • Joining a group will make your phone number visible to all group members. Before joining a group we recommend you to be careful as to who might access this information
  • Messaging apps such as Viber are often use to send virus through files and links. We recommend you to be very vigilant before downloading anything sent to you on Viber (such as a file or document that requires to be open on your phone) or clicking links sent by people you don't trust.

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