Your phone contains your photos, your calendar, your contacts, a record of where you've been and who you've spoken to, your emails, your social media, the notes and reminders you write to yourself, your health and fitness data, shopping lists and period apps - our phones reveal who we are.

You might think you own your phone - but there is data on your phone that you can't access, you can't delete and possibly is being silently leaked to companies you've never heard of

What's the problem?

Mobile phones aren't just telephones - they're a living diary tracking and recording your every movement, call, email, social media post, and more.

The data stored by both the phones themselves and the apps they run often goes far beyond what we, as users, can see. This makes them a prime target for police to extract, from suspects and victims alike.

Mobile phones come preinstalled with apps which you cannot remove, and many of which have permissions allowing deep access to your phone.

Many apps also bundle third-party code, which can upload data without users' knowledge.

What's the solution?

App developers, and operating system developers, need to put privacy and security at the forefront of their devices. Stop the blind bundling of third-party code and SDKs into apps.

What is PI doing?

We investigated and reported how apps have been invisibly sharing data with Facebook, unveiled the mass sharing of intimate health data and have released our data interception environment so you can conduct your own investigations!