HIV Positive people dropping out of treatment programmes because they fear Aadhaar data leaks


There has been the spread of the linking of the patient identity cards of HIV positive patients, pushed for by the National Aids Control Organisation. While it is not compulsory, in November 2017 it was reported that some patients  reported that they were denied treatment until they gave their Aadhaar number. This linking with Aadhaar has led to some HIV positive people dropping out of antiretroviral treatment programmes, for fear that their status would be leaked. Given that Aadhaar is linked to so many services, groups like gay men and women, transgender people, and sex workers fear that their identiteis will be made public as a result. There are reports that people who have dropped out of anti-retroviral programmes because they did not want to link their Aadhaar have subsequently died.
Reporter: Menaka Rao
Date: November 17 2017

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