Brown Portal - MyPhone MyA2

Brown Portal is part of the Brown and Proud movement, a campaign launched by MyPhone's parent company, Solid Group Inc. . The campaign was designed to create smart phones and internet of things devices for the Philippines, that celebrate Filipino identity and empower consumers to become leaders. It's unclear what happened to the campaign, but Brown Portal is still included in recent MyPhone devices, at least as of September 2018.

Observed Behaviour

The following is the output from Brown Portal of Exodus Standalone, by Exodus Privacy

  "trackers": [],
  "apk": {
    "path": "/media/transfer/AndroidAnaylsis/Library/OriginalAPKs/BrownPortal.apk",
    "checksum": "154622e8812f2db94bf717fc4aef29a5a24569b5940e7640915cf5958acd4ad9"
  "application": {
    "name": "Brown Portal",
    "version_name": "1.1.2",
    "permissions": [
    "handle": "com.sinonext.magazine",
    "libraries": [],
    "uaid": "75B52CB01931A1BEE5A4EF9DBE6E1E34681E4117",
    "version_code": "14"


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