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Pinoy – a nickname referring to Filipino people – alludes to a sense of national identity. The app offers a number of paid services, such as music or access to news and entertainment (jokes, horoscopes, “guidance”, “experience”, “advice”…) - much of which is religious or political.

The guidance section, for instance, suggests that users subscribe to a platform called Reform Ph “focusing on reforming the Philippines through improvement of the political systems”. Users can also sign up to a service that sends them a “quote to brighten up their day” or to a daily SMS service that “focuses on the beauty of life and the goodness/faithfulness of our God” for just 2.50 Filipino pesos (Php) a day. Other paid services include Bible comics and Christian music, for Php 5 three times a week.

Observed Behaviour

The following is the output from Pinoy of Exodus Standalone, by Exodus Privacy

  "application": {
    "name": "Pinoy",
    "libraries": [],
    "handle": "com.zed.pinoy",
    "version_name": "4.19",
    "uaid": "D850D2DCD60B3482C1012D8DCE0382CF7D66AEB6",
    "permissions": [
    "version_code": "1"
  "trackers": [
      "name": "Google Firebase Analytics",
      "id": 49
  "apk": {
    "checksum": "99222c97d02323a6f67cd5e73a6cdf17ed36f01e8221c99ac20bfd951902d154",
    "path": "/media/transfer/AndroidAnaylsis/Queue/Pinoy.apk"
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