Google isn't telling people if a Maps location provides abortions or is a fake clinic


Rewire.News has reported that Google apparently remains unwilling to differentiate its Maps search results between clinics in the US that offer abortion care and faith-based organisations that do not provide abortion care.

Rewire.News reports that, in contrast Yelp "made a concerted effort" to ensure that the company differentiated between faith-based centres, also known as crisis pregnancy centres in the US, and medical facilities that provided medical reproductive healthcare, including abortion care.

Rewire.News reported that "79% of Google searches for ÔÇťabortion clinic" turned up ads funded by anti-choice clinics. Google removed the ads after finding they violated their policy against misrepresentation, but Rewire.News discovered in 2017 that deceptive Google ads for these anti-choice clinics remained."

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Author: Madeleine Schmidt

Publication: Rewire.News

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